Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our 6th letter from Jordan! Received on Tuesday April 29, 2008 @ 0944 via Email

Mom and Dad,
Thanks so much for the letters I really appreciate them. Thanks so
much for all you guys do for me you guys are the BEST and I love you
guys so much. Mom thanks for the package of goodies you can just send
me whatever is cheap. Although jerky is always good, any kind of
snacks are good they don't have to be healthy, also la mia collega
really likes popcorn so maybe you could send a pack of that for him.
I've really been trying to learn to love him and we are doing a lot
better although we won't ever be perfect there will always be things
that we need to work through which is good.
The language is coming slowly it seems like once I understand a
grammar rule or something they throw something else at use. I can tell
you if I'm going to learn this language it won't be by myself. I'm
going to have to work super hard, and then do more work and more and
then some more. Then, in the Lord's due time he will do his part.
We get a new Italian District this Wednesday 20 missionaries who are
going to Milan and Rome so the lame missions then three weeks after
that we get a Catania district with I think 1 missionary. I had no
idea that there were solo missionaries until I came here it's really
Dad how's work? How's Church? Sounds like a pretty interesting story
about Colin Ha Ha. How are the Jazz?
Mom how's work? Yes I have been writing Veronica I wrote her then she
wrote me then I wrote her last week but I have not gotten anything
yet. I'm sure she is super busy. Sounds like a lot of fun with Jared
Holly and Abby!!!!
Have you guys planned anything fun 'cause you really should save up
and do something you guys deserve it. I'm learning so much about the
gospel it's awesome and I can't wait to leave 6 more weeks!!!!!! That
sounds like a long time but time is really weird here weeks feel like
days and some days feel like weeks its really weird but Its been fun
and I'm learning A lot Well all is well and I hope everything is well
there I love you guys, Love
Anziano Mathis

Jared and Holly
So how's SLC? Holly how are you doing are you ready for the baby?
How's Abbs? Jared how's work? La mia collega is ok he has no social
skills what so ever but I'm really learning to love him hopefully he's
doing the same Ha Ha 'cause I'm sure there are things I do that bother
him. The field is finally open so we can play calcio but kids just
kick your legs so that stinks. I can pray and bear my testimony in
Italian so that's exciting but there is so much work to do. When do
you guys leave? So Abby is potty trained? Well thanks for everything
and I love you guys Love,
Anziano Mathis

James and Kiera,
How's Texas? James are you still traveling? How's Audrey I heard she
is scared to poop in the toilet Ha Ha that's so funny. How's AJ? Mom
told me he laughed that's awesome. Things are good here. Its a lot of
studying but things are coming. We get to go to the Temple every PD so
that's awesome I love it. Well sorry so short. Love You guys. Love,
Anziano Mathis

I have 3 minutes I will type fast thanks so much for writing me know
you are busy but I really appreciate it. I hope you traveling goes
well. I'm so excited to leave but I have 6 weeks left seems like a
long time but surprisingly time fly's in here. How's work? This is
really lame that they give us 30 minutes to email. It's not enough
time but know that I love you and I'm thankful for all you do. Love
you, Love
Anziano Mathis

Sorry so short everyone ill try and write a letter to you guys but Much LOVE