Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our 7th letter from Jordan! Received on Thursday 1, 2008

I'll try to take a lot of pictures to send home a memory card so you
have pictures

Dear la mia bella familiga (Madre & Padre),
I really think its lame they only give us 30 minutes to email.
That's not enough time for me. I type to slow, so you will probably
get a letter as well as the email. I tried to write a little to
everyone. But I came up with this plan. What do you guys think—if
every week I hand write a letter to my brothers, for example- I'll do
the email then write a letter to Jared & Holly & then the next week
hand write to James & Kiera then the next week to Jeff- so they will
get a letter every 2 weeks? I will write home every week along with
the email, but I feel bad 'cause I don't have enough time to write to
everyone every PD—so does that sound ok?
Mom the package was awesome. So thanks & the sweatshirt was perfect.
Don't worry about dry ice just do stuff that's easy and cheap. Ha-Ha
sounds like a lot of fun with Jared, Holly & Abby.
Yes, things are getting better. We are really different. I'm like
work, work, work, & he sometimes gets distracted during comp study,
but we're learning. There are 4 in our room. Anziano Seer-District
Leader from Idaho Falls, his comp, Anziano Foster, an Australian & a
convert of 1 year-pretty amazing huh. He doesn't seem like a convert
at all, he truly was being prepared by the Lord. We have 8 in our
district & we are all going to Catania.
That LDS Missionary Mom thing sounds really interesting. Ya I think
I'll take what I want but we will see. I don't know if I'll need a CD
player 'cause I have my IPod, but we will see? A personal recorder?
That's up to you. I wouldn't mind if you guys wanna do it.
Sounds like Kevin did awesome. Ya I wrote to Veronica on the first
Tuesday & she wrote back & I got it the following Monday just in time
for PD so I wrote her again last Tuesday, but haven't heard. I really
was hoping to get one on Monday but nope, so I figured today but note,
it's 5:45 & I didn't get one, darn it. I really suppose I shouldn't
get my hopes up even though it will probably come tomorrow, but then I
won't be able to write till Tuesday. Se even though she will probably
write, I'm going to try & not get my hopes up 'cause truly this is the
Lord's time I'm wasting. That's been something I've really been
working on to NOT get discouraged. I'm really sorry for that pity
fit, that was pretty selfish so sorry about that—ha-ha that's
something else I'm working on Not being so selfish. I guess I have a
lot to work on but it's all good.
Yes I think attitude has so much to do with the MTC & the mission in
general. Attitude determines Altitude, so yes I 'm learning a lot here
about myself & also the vangelo.
Dad – thanks for the letter. Wow Grandma & Grandpa are awesome, I'm
planning to write them next week. Ha-Ha that sounds like lots of fun
with Abby, Jared & Holly. Abby, Audrey & Andrew & the new one will be
so big in 2 years. If you didn't start laughing when Colin did that I
think I'll have to send you something neat 'cause I know I would have
lost it! Ya, Kearns has a really young team but I thought they would
have been doing better- ha-ha.
Early to bed is awesome. I'm always so dead tired at night time.
Early to rise that's something else but I'll get used to it. It
really stinks cause I have to shave everyday. I though I could get
away with every other day, but nope. But it's all good.
I ripped out a day of my schedule so you can see what a normal day is
for us. Hopefully you can read it. On the back is Sunday & if you
notice we have time for a nap but I just studied last Sunday. I wrote
Faith cause I was working on having better Faith. Any questions
please ask. I wrote some notes to explain more.
Well I hope all is well. I will have to write a letter every week
cause 30 minutes to answer letters, etc does not work for me when I
have to type. Sorry. Thanks for everything. You guys are Awesome.
I Love You Guys!!

Love, Anziano Mathis

Mom sorry again but I have a list of things I want if possible. If
not no worries at all. Sorry again. Love ya.