Friday, May 16, 2008

Our 11th letter from Jordan! Received on Thursday May 15, 2008

Mama & Papa,

Hello it feels like I just wrote! Time flies by in here, it's crazy.
We have 27 more days & then we are gone-Hurray!!

Mama HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! Thanks for being such a great example to
mama per nei family. Thanks so much for the package. The pictures
are awesome, so thanks.

I am sorry again for asking for things. But there are two things I
would like if possible? 1) A Blue Racquet ball, 2) My Shox- Shoes
like Jared's (my newer ones). I'm sorry.

The humanitarian conference sounds good; also the "give away" items
are too, as so many people with not much.

I'm really sorry you're not feeling well. Mama I hope you get better.
Your new work schedule sounds rough. Try to eat well & get some good

How are the JAZZ doing?

I hope my writing schedule is okay for my brothers while I'm here in
the MTC. It's only a little longer. I am so excited even though I
don't know the language- ha-ha, but I am trying. I sent Veronica a
package last Tuesday but have not heard from her. I hate that cause
we can only write on PD's so if she writes after Tuesday I can't
reply. Darn it!

How are the JAZZ doing?

We taught our first lesson in Italian yesterday. It was really hard
cause my comp & I pretty much just say the same things. But as long
as the Spirit is there, it's all good.

Well, all is well here. Thanks for the letters & packages- you guys
are the BEST. I will talk to you guys next week. Sorry the letter is
so short & jumbled. But not much is new. We study more, & more to
try to speak more & more. I must say that's the hardest part. I
understand the grammar for the most part. But speaking
(pronunciation) & vocab are hard for me. Well, Love You!

Anziano Mathis