Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our 10th letter from Jordan! Received on Tuesday May 13, 2008 @ 1027 via email

Ciao!!!! Come va?
I'm going great my laundry is done except I'm really disappointed
perque. I thought the MTC was a decent place but 2 of my hangers were
stolen what the heck is up with that???? Go figure.
Well this week I'm going to write James and Kiera a hand written
letter I'm sorry about this because when you write me a letter I feel
bad cause I don't reply but with the MTC being so busy and etc I think
this is a little easier for me SO SORRY Jeff and Jared for not
replying but thanks so much for the letters, I love getting them. I
promise it will be better for you guys when I'm in ITALY.
Hurray only 27 more days. So do you think I'm ready? Ha-ha, ya right
I feel like I don't know anything. The grammar makes sense, but
speaking and my vocab lacks. I really need to make a better effort and
study more specific cause there is so much to learn it can be over
We had our first lesson in Italian yesterday in the TEC it was really
interesting. It's so hard cause I just wanna testify and tell them
how true the gospel is and how it will make them so happy. But you
really become limited in what you can say cause I don't know a ton.
After teaching a lesson either in Italian or English I feel so
exhausted. It's really interesting, it's like I'm drained but after a
little I feel normal. This work really is physically, mentally, and
spiritually tough. But I'm so thankful and honored to serve the Lord
and in 27 or so days teach the people of Italy.
It's really neat because on Sundays we have a fireside at seven. Then
we're able to watch a movie.... The testaments, Legacy, The
Restoration. Ha-ha not normal movies but church movies. Then on
Tuesday nights we have a devotional where we typically get a 70
representative. But I think sometime we might get an apostle which
would be amazing, hopefully tonight. Anyway these meeting really help
motivate me and get me though the rest of the week because I always
receive some dolce advice.
I really hope you guy's don't mind these emails being so jumbled.
I'm really sorry. So in 7 days our district is going to be the oldest
district, and in like 3 weeks we will get our flight plans! Awesome
huh. I'll be sure to let you know what the plans are.
Well I pray and hope all is well with everyone. I've been so blessed
with such an amazing family and friends who care so much about me
so.... Gracia a tutti!!!!! My Italian is not great but ill try, ha-ha.
I love you all.