Friday, May 30, 2008

Our 12th letter from Jordan! Received on Tuesday May 20, 2008 @ 0929 via email

Ciao mia molto bella familigia ,

How is everyone I hope great!!!!! Things are still happening down
here. The oldest district in our zone left this morning crazy huh that
means my district is the oldest one therefore we leave next HURRAY!!!!
It seems pretty surreal right now but I'm so excited. Even though I
can't speak much Italian I'm super stoked.

Mom I received two letters from Aunt Julie like two weeks ago but they
were empty envelopes I hope something didn't get stolen I had
forgotten about that. Also can you tell Aunt Elna thanks for always
writing and sending goodies she is amazing and I hope all works out
for her with her move I'll probably write her next week. Also everyone
thanks so much for always writing I understand it's hard to write when
I only write you all once every three weeks which I really hope is
working for you?? I love you all and I'm molto grato per voi... Ha-ha
there's a little Italian for you. Next week I'll bear my testimony if
I remember ha-ha that's one thing I know how to do ok. Jeff I'm
writing you a letter this week I hope you get it.

Mom thanks so much for the package you're awesome. About the shox,
they should be down in my room??? Unless someone took them in that
case I'm going to have to whoop some butt ha-ha JK... Um I think there
down there but if you can't find them its ok... Do you think you could
send me a pair of pants JEANS I have only one pair and a pair of kaki
shorts and my black belt???? It's getting hot. Sorry again about
always wanting things but I really appreciate everything. I'm pretty
good on food thanks I've been sharing most everything but some of the
good, good things I keep for myself hopefully that's not too selfish.

It has really sounded like a great visit with Jared and Holly and
Abbs. Are they still in town when do they leave???

Dad feel free to take anything in my room boxed or unboxed your
welcome to anything!!!! also thanks for the letter I love hearing from
you although I hate this write once a week thing it stinks cause I get
a letter then have to wait a whole week to write.

Also this stupid thing happens ok.... Its happened twice but I like
getting letters from Veronica so I write her then I don't hear from
her until the following Tuesday or Wednesday. By then I don't know if
I should write her again cause that would be two letters to her
without one from her. I can't answer questions she asked. It really
stink's ha-ha oh well. I should get use to it cause ITALY is just a
little bit farther then Provo ha-ha.

Dad you went to the dentist I don't really like it there but I do like
having clean teeth. Fantasy baseball ha-ha sounds interesting we play
a grammar baseball game in on of my classes its pretty fun although I
still don't like baseball!!!!

Jared and Holly thanks for the package it was great those things are
interesting they remind me of Abby does she like them??? Ha-ha! Live
and learn that's true isn't it.

Yesterday we taught for the second time in Italian I swear I just
struggle through the whole lesson buts its really exciting pretty
difficult as well cause you're limited on what you can say.

Mom there is a sister Asay going to Korea or something I asked her
where she was from she said draper... Do you think there is any
relation??? I don-t think so but who knows.
I'm going to plan on sending home a camera memory card next week I
haven't taken a ton of pictures but Ill try and take a lot this week.
Well thanks again for everything you all are awesome and I love you so
much. TEACH WHEN YOU FIND, FIND WHEN YOU TEACH!!!!! There is a lot of
work to do!!!! I LOVE you all and thanks for the support. Sorry this
email is so spacey love you!