Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our 9th letter from Jordan! Received on Friday May 9, 2008

Dear Mom & Dad

Hello there, so how are you guys doing, are you staying busy? How is
work going for you guys? I hope & pray all is well.

Can you tell Jeff sorry for not writing back? I hope its ok that I'm
just writing them once every three weeks!!

I really wanna send home my flash card for my camera but I really
have not taken many pictures & to be honest it's not like we have a
lot of time ha-ha. But its better that way staying busy & working
hard all the time helps me not get discouraged or think about things I
don't need to right now. But it's hard sometimes. I know there is
always room for improvement so it's great.

Today Anziano Bailey & I went to the Temple & we did sealing's. It
was really neat. We could only be children but it was awesome. There
were actually some people from Italia being sealed & I got to be the
witness for them, it was awesome. So we have already started our work
for the Italians.

Well the language is coming slowly but surely. I need to put more
effort into speaking cause that's really where you learn the most.

So I hope you got my email & heard about my first Libro di Mormon
placement, cool huh! I was so excited. Also very humbled. he whole
MTC has been a humbling experience for me, but I'm thankful for all I
have & what I've learned thus far.

I sent Veronica a package with a shirt & some church pictures. I
think I will wait to send you guys a sweet package until I'm in Italia
cause then you can get some cool things, but who knows.

How's the ward? Dad that's pretty funny about Collin & also teaching
the Fall & Agency her is really hard for me & my comp cause we always
share to much info but we will learn, we've gotten a lot better.

This Wednesday (TOMORROW), we teach lesson Uno in Italian. I can
tell you the only way that will happen is through the Spirit which we
will have if you are ready for it. Pretty crazy huh, we're teaching
in Italian & I don't know any Italian. I really need to study more
diligently, write the language & it will come. Well yup I'll let you
know how it goes.

Again I hope all is well. Thanks so much for the letters & packages.
Sorry if my letters don't really make sense. It's hard to remember
all the questions, but I'll try to write better. Well, I Love you

Anziano Mathis

IL Vangelo di Gesv Cristo e' vero!!
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