Friday, May 30, 2008

Our 12th letter from Jordan! Received on Tuesday May 20, 2008 @ 0929 via email

Ciao mia molto bella familigia ,

How is everyone I hope great!!!!! Things are still happening down
here. The oldest district in our zone left this morning crazy huh that
means my district is the oldest one therefore we leave next HURRAY!!!!
It seems pretty surreal right now but I'm so excited. Even though I
can't speak much Italian I'm super stoked.

Mom I received two letters from Aunt Julie like two weeks ago but they
were empty envelopes I hope something didn't get stolen I had
forgotten about that. Also can you tell Aunt Elna thanks for always
writing and sending goodies she is amazing and I hope all works out
for her with her move I'll probably write her next week. Also everyone
thanks so much for always writing I understand it's hard to write when
I only write you all once every three weeks which I really hope is
working for you?? I love you all and I'm molto grato per voi... Ha-ha
there's a little Italian for you. Next week I'll bear my testimony if
I remember ha-ha that's one thing I know how to do ok. Jeff I'm
writing you a letter this week I hope you get it.

Mom thanks so much for the package you're awesome. About the shox,
they should be down in my room??? Unless someone took them in that
case I'm going to have to whoop some butt ha-ha JK... Um I think there
down there but if you can't find them its ok... Do you think you could
send me a pair of pants JEANS I have only one pair and a pair of kaki
shorts and my black belt???? It's getting hot. Sorry again about
always wanting things but I really appreciate everything. I'm pretty
good on food thanks I've been sharing most everything but some of the
good, good things I keep for myself hopefully that's not too selfish.

It has really sounded like a great visit with Jared and Holly and
Abbs. Are they still in town when do they leave???

Dad feel free to take anything in my room boxed or unboxed your
welcome to anything!!!! also thanks for the letter I love hearing from
you although I hate this write once a week thing it stinks cause I get
a letter then have to wait a whole week to write.

Also this stupid thing happens ok.... Its happened twice but I like
getting letters from Veronica so I write her then I don't hear from
her until the following Tuesday or Wednesday. By then I don't know if
I should write her again cause that would be two letters to her
without one from her. I can't answer questions she asked. It really
stink's ha-ha oh well. I should get use to it cause ITALY is just a
little bit farther then Provo ha-ha.

Dad you went to the dentist I don't really like it there but I do like
having clean teeth. Fantasy baseball ha-ha sounds interesting we play
a grammar baseball game in on of my classes its pretty fun although I
still don't like baseball!!!!

Jared and Holly thanks for the package it was great those things are
interesting they remind me of Abby does she like them??? Ha-ha! Live
and learn that's true isn't it.

Yesterday we taught for the second time in Italian I swear I just
struggle through the whole lesson buts its really exciting pretty
difficult as well cause you're limited on what you can say.

Mom there is a sister Asay going to Korea or something I asked her
where she was from she said draper... Do you think there is any
relation??? I don-t think so but who knows.
I'm going to plan on sending home a camera memory card next week I
haven't taken a ton of pictures but Ill try and take a lot this week.
Well thanks again for everything you all are awesome and I love you so
much. TEACH WHEN YOU FIND, FIND WHEN YOU TEACH!!!!! There is a lot of
work to do!!!! I LOVE you all and thanks for the support. Sorry this
email is so spacey love you!

Friday, May 16, 2008

Our 11th letter from Jordan! Received on Thursday May 15, 2008

Mama & Papa,

Hello it feels like I just wrote! Time flies by in here, it's crazy.
We have 27 more days & then we are gone-Hurray!!

Mama HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!! Thanks for being such a great example to
mama per nei family. Thanks so much for the package. The pictures
are awesome, so thanks.

I am sorry again for asking for things. But there are two things I
would like if possible? 1) A Blue Racquet ball, 2) My Shox- Shoes
like Jared's (my newer ones). I'm sorry.

The humanitarian conference sounds good; also the "give away" items
are too, as so many people with not much.

I'm really sorry you're not feeling well. Mama I hope you get better.
Your new work schedule sounds rough. Try to eat well & get some good

How are the JAZZ doing?

I hope my writing schedule is okay for my brothers while I'm here in
the MTC. It's only a little longer. I am so excited even though I
don't know the language- ha-ha, but I am trying. I sent Veronica a
package last Tuesday but have not heard from her. I hate that cause
we can only write on PD's so if she writes after Tuesday I can't
reply. Darn it!

How are the JAZZ doing?

We taught our first lesson in Italian yesterday. It was really hard
cause my comp & I pretty much just say the same things. But as long
as the Spirit is there, it's all good.

Well, all is well here. Thanks for the letters & packages- you guys
are the BEST. I will talk to you guys next week. Sorry the letter is
so short & jumbled. But not much is new. We study more, & more to
try to speak more & more. I must say that's the hardest part. I
understand the grammar for the most part. But speaking
(pronunciation) & vocab are hard for me. Well, Love You!

Anziano Mathis

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our 10th letter from Jordan! Received on Tuesday May 13, 2008 @ 1027 via email

Ciao!!!! Come va?
I'm going great my laundry is done except I'm really disappointed
perque. I thought the MTC was a decent place but 2 of my hangers were
stolen what the heck is up with that???? Go figure.
Well this week I'm going to write James and Kiera a hand written
letter I'm sorry about this because when you write me a letter I feel
bad cause I don't reply but with the MTC being so busy and etc I think
this is a little easier for me SO SORRY Jeff and Jared for not
replying but thanks so much for the letters, I love getting them. I
promise it will be better for you guys when I'm in ITALY.
Hurray only 27 more days. So do you think I'm ready? Ha-ha, ya right
I feel like I don't know anything. The grammar makes sense, but
speaking and my vocab lacks. I really need to make a better effort and
study more specific cause there is so much to learn it can be over
We had our first lesson in Italian yesterday in the TEC it was really
interesting. It's so hard cause I just wanna testify and tell them
how true the gospel is and how it will make them so happy. But you
really become limited in what you can say cause I don't know a ton.
After teaching a lesson either in Italian or English I feel so
exhausted. It's really interesting, it's like I'm drained but after a
little I feel normal. This work really is physically, mentally, and
spiritually tough. But I'm so thankful and honored to serve the Lord
and in 27 or so days teach the people of Italy.
It's really neat because on Sundays we have a fireside at seven. Then
we're able to watch a movie.... The testaments, Legacy, The
Restoration. Ha-ha not normal movies but church movies. Then on
Tuesday nights we have a devotional where we typically get a 70
representative. But I think sometime we might get an apostle which
would be amazing, hopefully tonight. Anyway these meeting really help
motivate me and get me though the rest of the week because I always
receive some dolce advice.
I really hope you guy's don't mind these emails being so jumbled.
I'm really sorry. So in 7 days our district is going to be the oldest
district, and in like 3 weeks we will get our flight plans! Awesome
huh. I'll be sure to let you know what the plans are.
Well I pray and hope all is well with everyone. I've been so blessed
with such an amazing family and friends who care so much about me
so.... Gracia a tutti!!!!! My Italian is not great but ill try, ha-ha.
I love you all.

Our 9th letter from Jordan! Received on Friday May 9, 2008

Dear Mom & Dad

Hello there, so how are you guys doing, are you staying busy? How is
work going for you guys? I hope & pray all is well.

Can you tell Jeff sorry for not writing back? I hope its ok that I'm
just writing them once every three weeks!!

I really wanna send home my flash card for my camera but I really
have not taken many pictures & to be honest it's not like we have a
lot of time ha-ha. But its better that way staying busy & working
hard all the time helps me not get discouraged or think about things I
don't need to right now. But it's hard sometimes. I know there is
always room for improvement so it's great.

Today Anziano Bailey & I went to the Temple & we did sealing's. It
was really neat. We could only be children but it was awesome. There
were actually some people from Italia being sealed & I got to be the
witness for them, it was awesome. So we have already started our work
for the Italians.

Well the language is coming slowly but surely. I need to put more
effort into speaking cause that's really where you learn the most.

So I hope you got my email & heard about my first Libro di Mormon
placement, cool huh! I was so excited. Also very humbled. he whole
MTC has been a humbling experience for me, but I'm thankful for all I
have & what I've learned thus far.

I sent Veronica a package with a shirt & some church pictures. I
think I will wait to send you guys a sweet package until I'm in Italia
cause then you can get some cool things, but who knows.

How's the ward? Dad that's pretty funny about Collin & also teaching
the Fall & Agency her is really hard for me & my comp cause we always
share to much info but we will learn, we've gotten a lot better.

This Wednesday (TOMORROW), we teach lesson Uno in Italian. I can
tell you the only way that will happen is through the Spirit which we
will have if you are ready for it. Pretty crazy huh, we're teaching
in Italian & I don't know any Italian. I really need to study more
diligently, write the language & it will come. Well yup I'll let you
know how it goes.

Again I hope all is well. Thanks so much for the letters & packages.
Sorry if my letters don't really make sense. It's hard to remember
all the questions, but I'll try to write better. Well, I Love you

Anziano Mathis

IL Vangelo di Gesv Cristo e' vero!!
Spread to Share it!!

Our 8th letter from Jordan! Received on Tuesday May 6, 2008 @ 0854 via email

I love you guys!!!! Mom thanks so much for the package I really
appreciate it and yes I have plenty to share its interesting cause you
have some anziani in the MTC who receive so much mail and so many
packages and then you have anziani who don't get so much.

Ok so I've decided to write you guys a hand written letter once a week
for example. This week I'll write Jared and Holly a letter and then
next week James and Kiera and then the next week Jeff. It's too hard
to write you all a letter once a week sorry. You will hear from me
once a week though cause I will email and then when I'm in Italia I
will be able to write you all individual emails cause I wont have only
30 minutes to email so that will be so much better.

Ok so I have 22 minutes but I'm retarded and forgot I need to change
my clothes so I'm going to send this and then logout so I don't lose
my time again so I will come back and write the rest LOVE YOU GUYS

Ok sorry I'm back this 30 minute thing really stinks. I apologize for
my letters being really random and not answering a lot of questions
you guys ask there is so much going on but I'll try to be better.

James and Kiera thank you so much for the package I really appreciate
it you guys are awesome. Mom thanks for the bread it was so good!!!!
Thanks for sending the picture it is the one I wanted but I need the
stand do you think you could send it? I know I wont go hungry cause
you have sent so many goodies although I think other anzianis have
eaten more then I have which Is totally good.

Dad sounds like things are going well I pretty much only read the
scriptures, PMG and notes here although I've started to read Our
Search For Happiness which is so far really good there is so much
about the Gospel that I don't understand so there is so much work to
do not only for other people but for ourselves so I hope everyone is
reading and praying cause I promise it really helps. God loves us and
has provided a way but we must do our part. D&C ?? The Lord is bound
when we do what he says but is not when we don't. Actually I have
thought it would be so much easier to go to an English speaking
mission but I really try to keep things positive cause attitude
determines so much in our lives. I know as I struggle and study as
hard as I can the Lord will help me in his own due time.

So I have to tell you about my RC experience yesterday. I placed my
first Libro di Mormon it was awesome. We are a chat district so me and
my comp were chatting with some people and they had some wacked out
things but we tried to help as much as possible. So my comp took over
another chat and the teacher said can anyone take another chat so I
logged on and took it. It was from a Lady in Varda, IL and she asked
about trinity and I told her what our church believes about the nature
of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost she seemed receptive of it and
I told her that I can tell you all you want to know about the church
but the only way to find out for yourself is to ask God who giveth to
all men liberally and then I promise her that if she will pray to know
the church is true she will receive an answer. Then she asked how can
I do this so I told her to read the LDM and pray about it then she
asked how can I get a LDM so I told her I would send one to her. So I
got her information and 'm planning on calling her back in about 2
weeks to see if she received it. Pretty neat huh? I pray that she will
be able to read the LDM and pray about it. Well sorry that took up so
much time.

I hope everyone is doing well. Jeff thanks for the Letter your
awesome and continue to work hard you guys are the best and I LOVE YOU
ALL SO MUCH. Thanks again for everything LOVE YA

Our 7th letter from Jordan! Received on Thursday 1, 2008

I'll try to take a lot of pictures to send home a memory card so you
have pictures

Dear la mia bella familiga (Madre & Padre),
I really think its lame they only give us 30 minutes to email.
That's not enough time for me. I type to slow, so you will probably
get a letter as well as the email. I tried to write a little to
everyone. But I came up with this plan. What do you guys think—if
every week I hand write a letter to my brothers, for example- I'll do
the email then write a letter to Jared & Holly & then the next week
hand write to James & Kiera then the next week to Jeff- so they will
get a letter every 2 weeks? I will write home every week along with
the email, but I feel bad 'cause I don't have enough time to write to
everyone every PD—so does that sound ok?
Mom the package was awesome. So thanks & the sweatshirt was perfect.
Don't worry about dry ice just do stuff that's easy and cheap. Ha-Ha
sounds like a lot of fun with Jared, Holly & Abby.
Yes, things are getting better. We are really different. I'm like
work, work, work, & he sometimes gets distracted during comp study,
but we're learning. There are 4 in our room. Anziano Seer-District
Leader from Idaho Falls, his comp, Anziano Foster, an Australian & a
convert of 1 year-pretty amazing huh. He doesn't seem like a convert
at all, he truly was being prepared by the Lord. We have 8 in our
district & we are all going to Catania.
That LDS Missionary Mom thing sounds really interesting. Ya I think
I'll take what I want but we will see. I don't know if I'll need a CD
player 'cause I have my IPod, but we will see? A personal recorder?
That's up to you. I wouldn't mind if you guys wanna do it.
Sounds like Kevin did awesome. Ya I wrote to Veronica on the first
Tuesday & she wrote back & I got it the following Monday just in time
for PD so I wrote her again last Tuesday, but haven't heard. I really
was hoping to get one on Monday but nope, so I figured today but note,
it's 5:45 & I didn't get one, darn it. I really suppose I shouldn't
get my hopes up even though it will probably come tomorrow, but then I
won't be able to write till Tuesday. Se even though she will probably
write, I'm going to try & not get my hopes up 'cause truly this is the
Lord's time I'm wasting. That's been something I've really been
working on to NOT get discouraged. I'm really sorry for that pity
fit, that was pretty selfish so sorry about that—ha-ha that's
something else I'm working on Not being so selfish. I guess I have a
lot to work on but it's all good.
Yes I think attitude has so much to do with the MTC & the mission in
general. Attitude determines Altitude, so yes I 'm learning a lot here
about myself & also the vangelo.
Dad – thanks for the letter. Wow Grandma & Grandpa are awesome, I'm
planning to write them next week. Ha-Ha that sounds like lots of fun
with Abby, Jared & Holly. Abby, Audrey & Andrew & the new one will be
so big in 2 years. If you didn't start laughing when Colin did that I
think I'll have to send you something neat 'cause I know I would have
lost it! Ya, Kearns has a really young team but I thought they would
have been doing better- ha-ha.
Early to bed is awesome. I'm always so dead tired at night time.
Early to rise that's something else but I'll get used to it. It
really stinks cause I have to shave everyday. I though I could get
away with every other day, but nope. But it's all good.
I ripped out a day of my schedule so you can see what a normal day is
for us. Hopefully you can read it. On the back is Sunday & if you
notice we have time for a nap but I just studied last Sunday. I wrote
Faith cause I was working on having better Faith. Any questions
please ask. I wrote some notes to explain more.
Well I hope all is well. I will have to write a letter every week
cause 30 minutes to answer letters, etc does not work for me when I
have to type. Sorry. Thanks for everything. You guys are Awesome.
I Love You Guys!!

Love, Anziano Mathis

Mom sorry again but I have a list of things I want if possible. If
not no worries at all. Sorry again. Love ya.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Our 6th letter from Jordan! Received on Tuesday April 29, 2008 @ 0944 via Email

Mom and Dad,
Thanks so much for the letters I really appreciate them. Thanks so
much for all you guys do for me you guys are the BEST and I love you
guys so much. Mom thanks for the package of goodies you can just send
me whatever is cheap. Although jerky is always good, any kind of
snacks are good they don't have to be healthy, also la mia collega
really likes popcorn so maybe you could send a pack of that for him.
I've really been trying to learn to love him and we are doing a lot
better although we won't ever be perfect there will always be things
that we need to work through which is good.
The language is coming slowly it seems like once I understand a
grammar rule or something they throw something else at use. I can tell
you if I'm going to learn this language it won't be by myself. I'm
going to have to work super hard, and then do more work and more and
then some more. Then, in the Lord's due time he will do his part.
We get a new Italian District this Wednesday 20 missionaries who are
going to Milan and Rome so the lame missions then three weeks after
that we get a Catania district with I think 1 missionary. I had no
idea that there were solo missionaries until I came here it's really
Dad how's work? How's Church? Sounds like a pretty interesting story
about Colin Ha Ha. How are the Jazz?
Mom how's work? Yes I have been writing Veronica I wrote her then she
wrote me then I wrote her last week but I have not gotten anything
yet. I'm sure she is super busy. Sounds like a lot of fun with Jared
Holly and Abby!!!!
Have you guys planned anything fun 'cause you really should save up
and do something you guys deserve it. I'm learning so much about the
gospel it's awesome and I can't wait to leave 6 more weeks!!!!!! That
sounds like a long time but time is really weird here weeks feel like
days and some days feel like weeks its really weird but Its been fun
and I'm learning A lot Well all is well and I hope everything is well
there I love you guys, Love
Anziano Mathis

Jared and Holly
So how's SLC? Holly how are you doing are you ready for the baby?
How's Abbs? Jared how's work? La mia collega is ok he has no social
skills what so ever but I'm really learning to love him hopefully he's
doing the same Ha Ha 'cause I'm sure there are things I do that bother
him. The field is finally open so we can play calcio but kids just
kick your legs so that stinks. I can pray and bear my testimony in
Italian so that's exciting but there is so much work to do. When do
you guys leave? So Abby is potty trained? Well thanks for everything
and I love you guys Love,
Anziano Mathis

James and Kiera,
How's Texas? James are you still traveling? How's Audrey I heard she
is scared to poop in the toilet Ha Ha that's so funny. How's AJ? Mom
told me he laughed that's awesome. Things are good here. Its a lot of
studying but things are coming. We get to go to the Temple every PD so
that's awesome I love it. Well sorry so short. Love You guys. Love,
Anziano Mathis

I have 3 minutes I will type fast thanks so much for writing me know
you are busy but I really appreciate it. I hope you traveling goes
well. I'm so excited to leave but I have 6 weeks left seems like a
long time but surprisingly time fly's in here. How's work? This is
really lame that they give us 30 minutes to email. It's not enough
time but know that I love you and I'm thankful for all you do. Love
you, Love
Anziano Mathis

Sorry so short everyone ill try and write a letter to you guys but Much LOVE