Thursday, May 15, 2008

Our 8th letter from Jordan! Received on Tuesday May 6, 2008 @ 0854 via email

I love you guys!!!! Mom thanks so much for the package I really
appreciate it and yes I have plenty to share its interesting cause you
have some anziani in the MTC who receive so much mail and so many
packages and then you have anziani who don't get so much.

Ok so I've decided to write you guys a hand written letter once a week
for example. This week I'll write Jared and Holly a letter and then
next week James and Kiera and then the next week Jeff. It's too hard
to write you all a letter once a week sorry. You will hear from me
once a week though cause I will email and then when I'm in Italia I
will be able to write you all individual emails cause I wont have only
30 minutes to email so that will be so much better.

Ok so I have 22 minutes but I'm retarded and forgot I need to change
my clothes so I'm going to send this and then logout so I don't lose
my time again so I will come back and write the rest LOVE YOU GUYS

Ok sorry I'm back this 30 minute thing really stinks. I apologize for
my letters being really random and not answering a lot of questions
you guys ask there is so much going on but I'll try to be better.

James and Kiera thank you so much for the package I really appreciate
it you guys are awesome. Mom thanks for the bread it was so good!!!!
Thanks for sending the picture it is the one I wanted but I need the
stand do you think you could send it? I know I wont go hungry cause
you have sent so many goodies although I think other anzianis have
eaten more then I have which Is totally good.

Dad sounds like things are going well I pretty much only read the
scriptures, PMG and notes here although I've started to read Our
Search For Happiness which is so far really good there is so much
about the Gospel that I don't understand so there is so much work to
do not only for other people but for ourselves so I hope everyone is
reading and praying cause I promise it really helps. God loves us and
has provided a way but we must do our part. D&C ?? The Lord is bound
when we do what he says but is not when we don't. Actually I have
thought it would be so much easier to go to an English speaking
mission but I really try to keep things positive cause attitude
determines so much in our lives. I know as I struggle and study as
hard as I can the Lord will help me in his own due time.

So I have to tell you about my RC experience yesterday. I placed my
first Libro di Mormon it was awesome. We are a chat district so me and
my comp were chatting with some people and they had some wacked out
things but we tried to help as much as possible. So my comp took over
another chat and the teacher said can anyone take another chat so I
logged on and took it. It was from a Lady in Varda, IL and she asked
about trinity and I told her what our church believes about the nature
of God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost she seemed receptive of it and
I told her that I can tell you all you want to know about the church
but the only way to find out for yourself is to ask God who giveth to
all men liberally and then I promise her that if she will pray to know
the church is true she will receive an answer. Then she asked how can
I do this so I told her to read the LDM and pray about it then she
asked how can I get a LDM so I told her I would send one to her. So I
got her information and 'm planning on calling her back in about 2
weeks to see if she received it. Pretty neat huh? I pray that she will
be able to read the LDM and pray about it. Well sorry that took up so
much time.

I hope everyone is doing well. Jeff thanks for the Letter your
awesome and continue to work hard you guys are the best and I LOVE YOU
ALL SO MUCH. Thanks again for everything LOVE YA