Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Letter from Anziano Mathis (April 15)

Well thank you for everything and for the letter and package I really appreciate it. You guys are the best and I love you so much. The MTC is wonderful the spirit is amazing although the language is tough, but I can bear my testimony and pray in Italian so thats great. We only have 30 minutes on the computer so I have to learn to type FAST. Since Im only a week in, Im still trying to adjust to a routine and etc. Therefore you whoever wrote me might get a response by letter cause I want to respond its just I cant type that fast to respond to everyone sorry, but I'll try and I'll figure something out. My companians name is Anziano Bailey from a tiny town in Washinghton state you can sure tell he is from a little town... kinda lacking normal social skills... Im sorry if that sounds mean cause Im tying and learning to love him hopefully he is doing the same. Well we had the oppotunity as companians to teach the first lesson in english at the TRC to a voulenter who acted like an investagator and then our teacher was watching us on a camera it was so awesome. Elder Bailey and I did pretty well for the first time and the teacher was really suprised how well we did for our first time, It was awesome even though it was just a volunteer the spirt that was there was amazing. Aside from the language I think the hardest thing is adjust to a companian I dont mind having a shadow all the time its just very difficult to teach and organize an outline but with faith and by acting on that faith all will be well. I suppose I need to be more patient and reach out to mu companian and try to get to know him personally. Although I think he made me and another anziano in our district sick so no biena.. Well the cafetira food is what I expected it to be like quantity over quality but its fine Im kinda use to it from Iowa. Well I think I have and idea as to why the spirit is so strong here we pray SO MUCH... we open everything will a prayer and close everything with a prayer. Its so humbling and I know that the only way to acomplish the Lords will is through his help!!! This is the Lords work not mine nor is it for me. Well our district is cool there are two Aussies they are so funny they just crack me up, especially one. The otehr is a convert of a year so its pretty amazing who strong his testimony is, in fact everyone in our zone has an amazing testimony very humbling. Our zone is about 2 weeks ahead of us and although they are the same age as us they seem so much older its crazy I suppose its cause I look up to them. I sometimes feel like im the only one in our district that cant get the languge but its only the first week. just a thought untill i get in the field please send letters through it will be easier for me since I only have 30 minutes on a computer i wont be able to read and respond. Im sorry its all jumbled but I'll try to respond to individual letters through email but we will see.. Mom can you send me some 3 pair of white socks in my drawer grey on them, a jacket, and a sweater if not let me know sorry to ask so much I love tou all so much!!!!
Anziano Mathis