Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Letter (April 22)

Thanks for the packages. I received one from dad with some candy, so thank you dad its always nice to have candy. Thank you mom I received the robe so thanks. Im going to have to write a letter home this week cause I dont know if I sent this to the right address and I dont know why but I only have 15 minutes. I dont know what the heck happened owell. Mom as far as sweater I ment a sweatshirt like my black total 90 one. As far as treats jerky would be nice and some more healthier treats but also some sweats but really I dont mind what. Just whatever is on sell and cheap. I really want appolizige for always wanting things but I want you guys to KNOW that you guys are the best, and I LOVE you so much.

I got an awesome letter from Jeff and I really appreciate him and the example he is to me I Love you Jeff.

James and Kiera also sent me a letter its so nice to hear from you guys and to see how life is. Thats so awesome audrey is potty trained!!! All is well here in the MTC but thanks so much for writing I really appreciate it and I'll try to send a letter. I love you guys.

Jared and Holly thanks so much for the letters your probably in SLC right now and thats pretty close to me haha Is abby potty trained yet?
Jared thanks for the sports updates, how are the Jazz doing???

Well my time is almost up and I dont know why I didnt get 30 minutes I suppose I forgot to log off when I checked it this morning... what bulll crap sorry for the languge but I will write a good letter today promise
I LOVE you all and appoligize for not being a better writer but I dont have a ton of stamps and I wanna savor them haha all is well I LOVE YOU GUYS

Love Anziano Mathis