Thursday, April 24, 2008

Email (April 17)

Dear Mom & Dad,
I know I sent an email on Tuesday but I just want to tell you how much
I Love & appreciate you guys. You guys are the Best parents anyone
could ever want.

OK so the MTC is great although really busy & a lot of hard work. We
spend pretty much all our days in a classroom learning the lessons &
the language. I struggle with the language but I know it will come
through faith & persistence.

I hope all is well. How's work? Are you guys planning any cool trips?
I think you should. If you need take 2-3 months of my mission
payment & use my money to pay for it so you can go somewhere nice.
You guys deserve it.

Well my companion is great just different & it's hard to teach
together & talk about lessons. In fact it's difficult to talk to him.
I suppose I need to try harder.

We get to go to the Temple. I'm so excited! Although I think my comp
gave me a head cold along with our district leader so that's no good.
But it will go away as I work harder.

Mom, I'm really sorry for asking for so much. But could you maybe
send me 1 sweatshirt & 1 jacket for p-days, also 3 pair of white
socks? The ankle ones with gray on them. Mom, sorry for asking for
so much & if you can't please don't worry about it.

There is so much I wanna tell you but I don't want to write super long
letters & I seem to run blanks when I start writing. But I'll try to
be better with this letter thing. I promise. is biena (good). It will make it easier for me to
respond by email if you write from & I think it's free??

Love you guys.

Love, Anziano Mathis

P.S. Sorry it's not more specific & that I didn't ask more, it will get better.